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Why SDS?

Why choose Sharrah Dunlap Sawyer?


We’ve earned degrees from top institutions:  U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Santa Barbara, San Jose State, CSU Chico, Arizona State, and University of Virginia, to name a few.

Our people have extensive national experience including the East Coast, Deep South, Chicago & the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Bay Area, and Southern California.

Our employees have 249 years of combined professional experience with SDS and counting; this speaks to our quality of work and dedication.

We do more than sit behind our desks; we are active within the community & we know the north state decision makers.

Chances are good we have a due diligence file for the north State property you are researching.


We go to battle for our clients – we know local, state, and federal codes and how to use them to your advantage.  Our client’s best interest is our goal.

We strategize to streamline the process while focusing on our client’s vision and goals.

Most of our clients are private sector companies.  They choose us to get things accomplished.

Because we’re much more than your typical engineering firm.

We’re real – How can you tell an outgoing engineer from your typical engineer?  The outgoing engineer looks at your shoes instead of his/her own shoes.  We don’t care about shoes, we look people in the eye.  (Clearly we’re hilarious as well)


We provide design solutions that are efficient to construct, are aesthetically pleasing, and aim for sustainability.

On numerous occasions, SDS has re-entitled projects prepared by others because our designs result in superior developments.

We understand how to design your project to utilize the land effectively, avoid unnecessary permits, and -most importantly- get it built.

Our in-house professional land planners, engineers, and landscape architects work together to create top quality designs while our graphic artists present the designs in a way that everyone understands.


When you choose to hire SDS, we become your teammate.  Our goal is to work with you to get your vision built while helping navigate the process.

We are committed to see you succeed; your success as our client is our success as well.

A collaborative, communicative, and team-oriented relationship is what we strive for.

We are proud to list one of the largest private land owners, two of the largest real estate firms, and two of the largest home builders in the United States as ongoing clients of ours.


Our company received a CE News national award for best small firm to work for along with numerous local and regional design awards throughout the years.  Our company morale is a top priority and it is reflected in our work.

More importantly, we get permits which allow our clients to build the projects we’ve designed for them;  this results in an impressive list of repeat clients committed to SDS.

We have more north state projects built than any other design firm.

The ultimate achievement is not a plaque on our wall, but a successful project of quality, as measured by our client and the community in which the project resides.