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Whether you’re a developer, builder, architect, agency, private land owner, real estate agent, or the like, SDS has the resources to get your project moving and keep it on track.

Due Diligence Files

If you’re looking for information on a property in the greater Redding area, chances are we have a due diligence folder on it.  Our 50 years of business have allowed us to have our hand in an extraordinary amount of projects and potential projects.

Residential Maps

We produce Residential Project Maps for our local communities.  These maps identify where new residential rooftops have been approved or are in the entitlement process.  They provide real estate agents, developers, and other agencies with important information regarding our communities’ growth.

Site Analysis

SDS offers a ‘First Cut’ Site Analysis of properties they may be interested in or properties being researched as a part of a due diligence process. Our significant in-house resources allow us to prepare a timely and detailed site analysis that will help a developer assess their risks and quickly zero in on the site that best meets their unique needs.

A typical ‘First Cut’ Site Analysis includes:

  • Planning info (general plan, zoning, development standards, etc.)
  • Traffic count history (where available)
  • Sound contours
  • Planning level topography (local city-wide topographic mapping)
  • Adjacent and proposed utilities (Community Master Utility Plans)
  • Analyze access, Waters of the U.S., FEMA, and environmental issues
  • Information regarding any major offsite infrastructure construction
  • Capital improvement fees
  • Timelines for entitlement process through local government agencies

Residential Project Maps

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